The Magic Lantern, Take Two

i decided to do the commute to school in heels today because, as you probably know, i’m really into masochism (love it) and i haven’t found any dungeons on my block so far, although i’m pretty sure the clerk at the magazine store threatened to do something naughty and/or violent to me when i tried to shortchange him by five kroner yesterday morning. i got to baresso at ten for a class at 11:40, thinking i’d go through the compendium and learn a little bit about the advent of film before i had to get over to the DIS compound (yeah, it’s kind of freaky) for our first class meeting.  

i studied,

i left,

i made a really, really wrong turn somewhere in the should’ve-been-three-blocks between the coffee shop and school,

and when i finally arrived, ten minutes late, to the classroom at vestergade 7-31, and tried to gracefully sneak while clutching my poorly assembled coffee cup, holding onto a bulky trenchcoat beneath one arm, carrying a giant bag full of textbooks, and tottering on the warped wood floors in three and a half inch heels, I DID THE GROCERY STORE THING AGAIN. i shut the door on my motherfucking trench coat in the stupid ass door and it would not open no matter what i did and everyone was staring at me and after about thirty-five incredibly long seconds the teacher finally had to come over and open the door for me using some kind of deadbolt voodoo and then i almost tromped on every single person in the back row on my way to the squishiest sliver of space allotted to the middle seat, because i am a retardephant.

loren, it seems, has not made any friends she’s too interested in either, because she sent me an SMS today which i hadn’t gotten when i ran into her in the hall and she asked if i wanted to get together before the DIS welcome party at luux tonight ( — you have to click that link and listen to it). of course i said yes. we’re meeting at the train sta’ at nine. the partay invite comes with slips for free cover and two free bevs. this will be my first vrai opportunity to make an ass of myself outside of school hours. wish you were here.



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